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Real Estate Investing Financial Literacy

How to Strategically Choose the Right Investment Strategy with Brian Gordon

Sept. 29, 2022

Newbie investors have a tendency to fall into the shiny object syndrome. Investment opportunities abound. You do not have to jump at every chance you come across. It is best to consider specific considerations when playing t…

Real Estate Investing Investing Financial Literacy

2022 Outlook and Why Investing in Real Estate Isn't As Hard as You Think with Phylicia Walsh and Mike Allicock

Aug. 18, 2022

Rather than owning their own home, some people believe renting offers greater freedom and flexibility. It relieves them of having to pay a mortgage for many years. Wouldn't it be great to own a house without having to pay…

Real Estate Investing Investing Financial Literacy

Introducing The Black Wealth Effect Podcast

July 5, 2022

Are you a young Canadian who wants to succeed financially? Then this show is for you. Meet your hosts, Mario Griffiths and Ron Christopher, both young investors in the early stages of their investing careers.  As they contin…