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March 2, 2023

What Now? Navigating Today's Real Estate Investing Market with Mayu Thava

What Now? Navigating Today's Real Estate Investing Market with Mayu Thava

The real estate market is constantly evolving, and with the current economic climate, investors need to be even more mindful of their strategies and decisions. Navigating today's real estate investing market can seem daunting, yet there are ways to...

The real estate market is constantly evolving, and with the current economic climate, investors need to be even more mindful of their strategies and decisions. Navigating today's real estate investing market can seem daunting, yet there are ways to gain an edge. And making the right decisions and investing in the right markets is key to success, and there are a few key factors to consider when looking to invest in real estate.

In this episode, Mayu Thava helps us explore what investors need to know to make informed decisions and capitalize on current opportunities.

With the ever-changing market conditions and the potential for both profit and loss, it’s important for investors to stay informed on the latest trends and strategies.

While it's important to identify the best investments, it's also important to spread out the risk across different types of investments.

This way we maximize our potential for success especially in today’s downward market.

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What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn to stress test your properties so you manage risk and future losses.
  • Find out which strategies to stay away from to minimize risk while still potentially achieving strong returns even in today’s market.
  • Understand the value of due diligence and risk mitigation especially now with the current  market situation.

From a young age Mayu Thava was interested in real estate, the gleaming apartment buildings in the suburb he first lived in, to the acres of farmland, fix and flip tv shows and stores of wealth created through real estate – it all amazed Mayu. So it was natural that Mayu began his real estate journey in 2015 immediately upon graduating from his undergraduate degree. As a new undergrad he followed the conventional way of investing, purchasing two pre-construction properties. Soon after, realizing the illiquid investment was not meeting his needs, he purchased a cash flow negative investment property in the greater Toronto area. This was the beginning of a series of lessons which allowed Mayu to develop the real estate knowledge, wisdom and expertise that he has today.

Beginning in 2018, Mayu explored the merit behind the BRRRR method of real estate investing. After having moderate success in the Greater Toronto Area, he began to focus on true cash flowing assets in tertiary markets. Mayu tested the Windsor market with a single-family home and quickly validated his expectations for the region. Seeing the opportunity currently present in the Windsor market, Mayu knew there was an arbitrage opportunity that required quick aggressive action. With the help of investors, Mayu has quickly scaled his portfolio in Windsor to benefit from the arbitrage opportunity, while benefiting from economies of scale.
Along the way, Mayu has participated in wholesale (opportunities where off market properties are purchased, closed and sold on market within a short period of time) and fix and flips on homes he does not intend to keep long term. This has allowed him to create quick wins for some loyal partners along the way as well with attractive returns.

Today, Mayu is a member of a mastermind and coaching program to the tune of low 5 figures which allows him to leverage his network of investors, coaches and mentors. He is focusing on helping other investors achieve similar results through a podcast he co-hosts (RISE Real Estate Investing Podcast), individual coaching calls and more.

Through focusing on the velocity of both his own and his investors capital, Mayu has amassed a portfolio of 20+ properties, 30+ units with single family homes up to fourplexes. He continues to purchase larger multi family properties, actively identifies and flips real estate and acts as a private lender to other investors for attractive returns.

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Topics Covered:

03:44 - What he would have done differently when he started out in real estate investing
05:49 - Let’s take a look at Mayu’s latest deal and how things are going with it, lessons learned and insights from it
10:51 - Investor’s reward for the problems they solve 
12:48 - Major constraints that you have to be aware of in a downward market [cashflow and qualifying]
17:35 - The value of rebalancing and reassessing your portfolio at this time
19:09 - Great tips you can do to lessen the blow 
19:56 - What you need to stay away from in today’s market if you’re a newbie investor [the idea of risk diversification]
22:22 - What is private lending and what are the key considerations if you’re new into this stuff?
25:58 - Assessing ARV in the current market [as-is appraisal and as-if completed appraisal]
28:27 - What is a MIC and understand how it works
31:00 - What MIC stands for
32:15 - Due diligence required for private lending versus MICs
35:03 - Talking about his competitive advantage in this industry and what he’s up to these days with regard to the real estate space

Key Takeaways:

“Investors get rewarded for the risk and problems they solve.” - Mayu Thava

“Prices haven't come down nearly as much as people's qualifying power has gone down.” - Mayu Thava

“I think you got to look at your risk profile. How much liquidity do I have?  If the answer is at least one or two years, I think you have to strongly think about just taking the losses today, because you don't know what the losses will be tomorrow.” - Mayu Thava

“I think new investors stick to easier to manage projects.” - Mayu Thava

“Pulling together assets and funds is a great way to risk manage.” - Mayu Thava

“Focus on trying to find good partners to partner up with and pool funds together. You've naturally got a little bit of risk diversification here.” - Mayu Thava

“Do your own due diligence, and get into private lending very cautiously in the current market. It was easy to repay private lenders in the last five years. But in the last six months, not so much.” - Mayu Thava

“It's just something to be careful of to make sure that if you invest in a MIC, assess that MIC’s liquidity, their financial statements. Don't be afraid to ask for them as well, especially if you're investing in it.” - Mayu Thava

“Focus on a few things rather than taking on too many things.” - Mayu Thava

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